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Profile IV  - Not all investigations end in disciplinary action


The manager of a company noticed that one of his employees was missing from work on a regular basis.  This employee was a very good employee and he did not have any concerns about her performance.  He was now forever concerned that there may be an issue. 

The company called Right Hand HR to give advice as to how they should handle the situation.

The following steps were taken. A full investigation was conducted and it was noted that there was a pattern to the days the employee was missing which was the 4th Wednesday of each month and that the employee missed a total of 9 days from work.

The employee was called to a meeting having been provided with the outcome of the investigation prior to the meeting and also been provided with a copy of the disciplinary policy.

During the meeting the employee told her manager that there was an outside contractor that came to do some work on the premises on the 4th Wednesday of each month and that he was behaving inappropriately towards her and that she was uncomfortable in his presence. She also stated that she had not spoken to her manager about this as she did not want to be seen as being difficult. The manager was horrified that this was happening.

Outcome:  No action was taken against the employee and she was offered support if she needed it.  She was thanked for her performance to date. The outside contractor was not permitted on the premises again and his company were asked to send a different representative going forward.

The employee felt supported by the company and was relieved that the issue had been appropriately handled.


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