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Profile V  - Employee had an issue with a Line Manager as felt he was being disrespected and undermined for no apparent reason.


A HR Manager contacted me about an issue between an employee and her Manager. The employee had approached her saying he was feeling disrespected and undermined by him. The HR Manager had a brief discussion about the situation with the Manager also to hear his point of view and then thought it would be best if she attempted to have the issue resolved by the intervention of mediation.   

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process to resolve issues using an independent, trained and experienced mediator. The aim is to help the parties in dispute come to an agreement in a safe, confidential and trusting environment.   Research shows that 82% of disputes are successfully resolved through mediation.  

The advantage of using workplace mediation is that it allows a problem to be resolved informally, by ensuring that all sides are heard.  The process also means that participants are involved in finding an agreed solution as they work together to solve the problem.


  • The process is voluntary and that all parties must agree to participate. The process is confidential unless the parties agree otherwise
  • Parties in dispute may welcome mediation as it is a fast and in most cases an effective process unlike a case that is taken before the courts
  • It normally starts as soon as all parties are available.  
  • Mediation is a flexible process, designed to be as straightforward and comfortable as possible, but it often follows a set pattern. Many people find knowing these individual steps helps them to feel more relaxed about mediation. 




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