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Profile II – Inappropriate behaviour towards Client, Manager and Colleagues


The company were facing challenges as an employee was allegedly not acting in accordance with the company polices in the following areas:


  • Inappropriate behaviour towards manager
  • Inappropriate behaviour towards colleagues
  • Conduct on a call to a client


The company called Right Hand HR to give advice as to how they should handle the situation.

The following steps were taken. A full investigation was conducted and the employee was provided with an opportunity to respond to allegations concerning his conduct and to present any mitigating circumstances or evidence in this regard. All statements and associated relevant data was compiled and forwarded to the employee for his review, prior to the hearing.


The investigation showed that the employee had indeed acted inappropriately towards his colleagues and manager. However; the investigation concluded that there was a cultural issue as the employee was a foreign national and this was taken into consideration. 

In regards to the employee’s handling of a call to a client this was considered quite serious as full training had been provided and the employee had disregarded this.

Outcome:  The employee was issued with a verbal warning as it was shown that his handling of the call to the client was not satisfactory. He was also put on a Performance Improvement Plan and agreed to follow the steps outlined in this. 

The employee was also given support in adjusting to the culture of the company and was provided with a Mentor to help him in this.

The employee did not appeal the decisions taken by the company.

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