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Profile III - Employee had a high record of absence/lateness which had not been addressed by his manager.

An employee had a very high absence record as well as an unacceptable level of lateness records that were now impacting on the business and the moral of the department.

The Company did not know how to handle the situation and called in Right Hand HR to seek advice.

The investigation which was undertaken showed that the employee not been made aware of the high record of absence and lateness which was something his manager should have done.  He spoke about the personal reasons that were impacting on this. The manager when questioned advised the investigator that he was not trained in how to handle this situation, which his manager disputed as he was able to show a training record.

The outcome was that the employee received a verbal warning, and the manager received a written warning and was also put on a performance improvement plan. This was considered a very fair outcome by both parties and by the company. 

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