Workplace Mediation Tips

HR Nugget  –  February  2014
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 Workplace Mediation Tips

Workplace mediation is becoming more widely used as a means for resolving conflict.  Mediation provides an opportunity for those involved to address the issues, explore options and reach a workable outcome through a mutually agreeable course of action.

The advantage of using workplace mediation is that it allows a problem to be resolved informally, by ensuring that all sides are heard.  The process also means that participants are involved in finding an agreed solution as they work together to solve the problem.

Conflict in any organisation can do enormous damage. Mistakenly, disputes are often left to fester and thereby become more difficult to resolve.

Here are some tips for workplaces to boost the chances of a successful mediation:

  •  Address situations early, as unresolved conflict is highly damaging for businesses
  •  Give a clear outline of how the mediation will work so parties understand their role
  •  Meditations can take several days so allow time and space for the mediation to work If  decisions need to be made, involve someone with the authority to make them
  • Engage external support early if needed, to reduce the toll on all workers
  • Don’t rush the process; the pre-meetings/interviews are just as critical as the mediation itself
  • Make sure all parties understand the need for confidentiality

I recommend you only use the mediation process with a qualified mediator, which Right Hand HR can offer.  If you want more information please contact Mary.