Christmas Party – What Message should you give to your Employees re Party Etiquette?


Christmas is round the corner and this year more companies are planning to have a Christmas party. But planning a Christmas party can be troublesome if certain do’s and don’ts are not followed. Christmas is all about enjoying and having fun with colleagues and co-workers. But in the fun of enjoying Christmas parties certain things should not be forgotten.

Employees often forget parties are an extension of the work environment and as such some basic guidelines should be followed if you want to set the right impression.  Employers need to set the scene – this is not to stop the fun night out, but rather to ensure that there are no repercussions as a result of the party.

I highly recommend that the employer communicates to all the employees some key messages which would include:

  • Reminder that the party is a work function and an appropriate standard of conduct is expected. The guidelines as laid out in the employee handbook will apply (e.g. Harassment Policy and Grievance Procedures, Dignity and Respect at Work Policy or Code of Conduct).
  • It is also advisable to remind staff to drink alcohol responsibly and in moderation.
  • A reminder that the use of illegal drugs is prohibited at all times during the Christmas Party.
  • Mention not to drink and drive – arrange for a lift if possible

If you have managers, advise them on how to respond to any unwanted conduct that may occur at the event, and that they should not talk office politics at the party.

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