Common Areas of Complaints Employees Claim

The most common complaints that employees take claims for are:

unfair dismissal

  • Unfair dismissal (including constructive dismissal)
  • Redundancy claims-not being paid for redundancy or being unfairly selected for redundancy
  • No statement of terms of employment/no contract
  • Non-payment of wages-this includes unlawful deductions from your wages and late or non-payment
  • Breaches of working time legislation and not giving the proper, or any, rest breaks, or the correct annual leave/holidays
  • Not giving the proper notice when terminating the employment
  • Being bullied and/or harassed in the workplace-either by the employer or fellow employees
  • Being sexually harassed at work- employees are entitled to protection not just from the employer and employees but customers/clients too
  • Changes to the employment contract without employees consent
  • Reductions in wages or hours of work without employees consent
  • Breaches of the data protection rights in relation to employees personal data
  • Refusal of statutory leave entitlement
  • Failure to give a contract of indefinite duration when an employee is entitled to one after 2 or more fixed term contracts
  • Failure to provide a safe place or method of work in breach of health and safety obligations
  • Ignoring an employee’s rights and entitlements under TUPE (transfer of undertakings) legislation
  • Unfair disciplinary procedures and warnings on individual’s employment record
  • Treating part-time employees less favourably than full time employees
  • Asking an employee to work longer hours than is permitted
  • Not giving employee’s entitlements to maternity and/or parental leave and/or force majeure leave and/or adoptive leave
  • Failing to deal properly and fairly when an employee suffers a personal injury at work
  • Treating an employee unfairly when they are sick

If you are worried about successful claims against you or if you want to ensure that you have your house in order, and have a HR Audit carried out, please call Mary on 086 8225448 or email mryan@righthandhr.ieSituations can easily develop into costly messes rather than being nipped in the bud.