Working From Home

Under new Covid-19 guidelines where employees are encouraged to work from home where possible, it is a good idea to review some of the recommended guidelines.

Research commissioned by LinkedIn has given insight into the current working conditions of employees working remotely in Ireland due to Covid-19. The research found that 56% of respondents reported feeling more anxious or stressed than they did before the lockdown was introduced while respondents also reported working an extra 38 hours per month on average – essentially an additional working week.

The current situation is particularly affecting younger workers with 70% of respondents under 24 and 63% of respondents between 24 and 34 saying they fell anxious or stressed as a result of working from home. Some of the factors being reported as causing this stress include:

  • Feeling under pressure to answer emails and calls quicker than usual or be visible online while they are remote working as they are concerned about losing their jobs
  • The affect the lockdown is having on their ability to focus
  • Getting easily distracted by their home environment
  • The merger of their home and work environments resulting in an inability to switch off.

It is therefore important to follow some guidelines, and I recommend you tune in to the following three videos

Working From Home – session 1 are some “Nuggets about Contractual and Legal Obligations” –

Working from Home – Session 2 are some “Nuggets about Healthy Remote Working for both management and employees”

Working from Home – Session 3 are some “Nuggets you can pass onto your employees” –

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