What Your CV Can Do For You!


Now that the economy has picked up, it is once again critical that your basic tools in looking for a job are ready to go, and more importantly that they do what they are meant to do.

Your CV is just one of these tools.  It is not your biography – it is your main selling document.  It clearly sets out your achievements in previous jobs so that employers can see quickly what you could do for them.

The aim of your CV is to get to the next stage, whether that’s an interview, a meeting, a phone conversation or an e-mail dialogue.  Very often it is your first chance to show what you can offer; you might give it to a potential employer at a first meeting, or send it to employers, agencies or recruiters as a direct approach or in response to a job ad.

You can also use it before and during interviews, and once hired employers can use it as a reference point to see your potential, based on your past experiences and education.

It is important to know that there is no single ‘perfect CV’. It is more a question of what works best in your industry and in your situation, so that is worth checking out.  That said, there are some common rules that should be considered:

  • Number of pages – the norm is two pages – think about the reader and ensure content is applicable to the role on offer
  • Make your CV stand out – your CV may be one of hundreds on someone’s desk. Put yourself in the reader’s shoes. You need to market yourself in terms of how you can benefit their organisation.
  • Make your CV as easy to read as possible – The reader is asking themselves two basic questions, so write your CV to show them that you will
    • Can you do this role
    • Will you fit in
  • Think about the layout
  • Spelling and grammar – ensure that your CV is perfect

So, your CV is your product brochure and its function is to interest the person looking at it sufficiently to grant you an interview.   You need to remember that people tend to read as little as possible and that your CV will have to do its job in perhaps a very small amount of time.

If you feel you need support with your CV, please give Mary a call on 086 8225448 or email her at mryan@righthandhr.ie.  Mary has recruited at a very senior level, and has many insights that may help you.