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Tailored Services

Right Hand HR tailors services to meet your needs.  We believe that every organisation is different, and faces different challenges.

One size does not fit all so our specially designed HR solutions for SME's that need peace of mind, and to know that all their HR compliance needs are met and maintained. We also have HR solutions for established companies that may have minimum HR in-house support.

Our services  will not only save you time and alleviate the stress and worry that HR problems can bring, but through our personal and professional service, we give you the knowledge, confidence and essential paperwork to be able to manage your employees day in, day out. Our tailored services include:

  • An initial HR review so we get to know you and so you know you are on the right track
  • Personalised managed priority action plan for your business -
  • Updated and fully-compliant contracts of employment
  • Complete employee handbook & policies
  • Preparation of HR-related employee documentation required, as a result of our advice
  • Practical help with resolving HR issues in the form of tailored guidance notes and drafted letters
  • Our Employers Toolkit – process flow charts, practical ‘how to’ explanations and template documents

Right Hand HR Tailored Services will deliver a comprehensive HR Solution for key parts of your HR Function which incorporates all the benefits of compliance and the strategic input you need.