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Redundancy Management

Right Hand HR has first-hand experience of managing the redundancy process. We can provide you with support to handle this process should you be experiencing the need to displace employees through restructuring or downsizing, and help to reduce the adverse effects that this may have on the morale of the remaining employees.

If labour cost-cutting or downsizing is handled incorrectly, the company may be at risk of  costly litigation, damaging wider workforce morale and losing not just the people directly affected but also other key employees that are not at risk and that you want to remain in your employment.  You could potentially also lose customers due to the adverse effects of the process being badly handled and the negative publicity that could be associated with this.

We can simply provide as much support as you require in any of the following areas.

  • Legislation – what factors need to be anticipated and what considerations need to be determined to ensure that the necessary conditions exist to qualify for redundancy.
  • Processing of all necessary redundancy documentation.
  • Information and consultation process.
  • Managing the consultation process with employees and employee representatives
  • Selection processes and procedures for redundancy.
  • Provision of outplacement services for employees in the redundancy process.


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